Mombo & Tubu – July 2010

This trip ran for four nights at each camp. Our group was few in number, and consisted of former guests of mine, all with serious photographic intent. My good friend James Weis did the arrangements for the safari. James is an excellent wildlife photographer, and we led the safari together. Special emphasis was placed on […]

Mombo Camp – May 2010

I spent the last week of May guiding out of Mombo camp. It is a time of year in the Delta which brings with it very comfortable temperatures, with cool mornings, and gently warm middays. The vegetation at Mombo was still green and quite lush after our excellent rainy season. Water levels in some of […]

Botswana – March 2010

My guests on this trip were old friends, whom I have guided on three previous occasions. Botswana is a year-round wildlife destination, but it is still important to pick camps for seasons, and this is what they had done. Some camps are better in certain seasons, and it pays to take that into consideration when […]

Kalahari to the Delta – February 2010

The guests on this safari had all visited Botswana before for wildlife viewing. None of them had been at this time of year though, and we had an interesting and varied itinerary. We made use of two vehicles at each stop. Some members of the group were very interested in photography. Our first stop after […]

Botswana – October 2009

Our itinerary for this trip began with two nights at the River Club in Zambia. A cultural visit to Simongwe village and a walk around the Falls kept us busy there. We also did a sunset cruise on the Zambezi too. The next day was our transfer day to Botswana. Along the way we spent […]