Maximizing Canon 5DSR buffer capacity

  Canon’s 5DSR and 5DS are at the time of writing, the highest resolution dslr bodies on the market.  With their 50 megapixel sensors, they are the best choice in the Canon camera line-up if very large print sizes are a priority. Although Canon’s marketing for these two cameras has been somewhat targeted at studio […]

Canon EF 100-400 L f4.5-5.6 IS ii USM Field Review

  INTRODUCTION The Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 L IS ii is a lens that was a long time coming. It’s predecessor, the original push-pull EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS, was on the market for more than 14 years, and it was certainly a successful seller.  In my line of work, leading photographic safaris, I have probably […]

Cheetah Attack Bat-eared Fox, Kgalagadi

We were witness to a fascinating and exciting encounter between two subadult cheetah and a bat-eared fox during a recent visit to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park.  We had lost sight of a mother cheetah and her year-old offspring, both only a little smaller than she was, as they moved over a ridge.  As we sat […]

Friendly Enemies, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyaena

We had only just left our Okavango camp in the early morning, when we came across a pack of African wild dogs that were hunting.  It is hard to stay with dogs on the hunt in a game drive vehicle, and after a while we lost them. Whilst they were in thick brush, they had […]

A Reunion Of Sorts

We were driving out of Mara Plains, in Kenya’s Olare Motorogi conservancy, when we came across a male cheetah.  Although cheetah are in decline in many parts of their range, this area remains a stronghold, and we enjoy fantastic viewing on the photosafaris I lead here.  The cat was alone, and the local guides, who […]