Bottlenosed dolphin, Tursiops truncatus; Wild Coast, Indian Ocean, East Cape, South Africa. Bottlenosed dolphins often surf large swells moving toward shore along the Wild Coast of South Africa. Sometimes the dolphins jump clear of the back side of the breaking waves. By following the dolphin pods with an inflatable boat I was able to get into a position to be able to photograph them jumping. Most times though I would be looking the wrong way, or not able to focus quickly enough. On the day I took this picture several dolphins jumped before this one, giving me the chance to get this one when it followed. I had to position the boat within the surf zone to get close enough, and keep a lookout all the time for waves breaking over the boat. This made for some challenging and exciting wildlife photography.
Shutter speed 1/2000sec at aperture f/7.1 and iso 400.
Canon 40D and Canon 300 f/4.0 IS lens, handheld from a moving boat.