Mashatu’s Secret Summer

Mashatu Game Reserve, located as it is in the eastern corner of Botswana, has long been one of our favourite wildlife destinations.  Like many other  reserves in this part of Southern Africa, Mashatu experiences a dry season during the months of the southern winter, usually May to September.  Very little rain falls during this time […]

Photographing Wildlife and Water

As wildlife photographers, we spend long periods of time in some of the most beautiful and unspoiled wilderness areas, where our wild subjects live.  Many, if not all, of the wild animals that we like to photograph may have some need of water, or will have to deal with water, in the course of their […]

6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV, 7D Mark II or 80D, which Mid-range Canon dslr for Wildlife Photography

It wasn’t that long ago, when it seemed that if you wanted a seriously good Canon camera for wildlife you where limited to perhaps the 1D series.  That situation has changed for the good, in our opinion, and today there are four current “mid-range” camera bodies plus one recently discontinued, all of which we consider […]

The Adventures of a Long-Lived Leopard

Nature never fails to surprize me.  When I photographed a leopard I hadn’t seen for a long time, it led me to make use of my earlier images of her, to confirm that this was the same cat that I hoped she was.   This happened in September 2017, and after a game drive out of […]

Canon EF 400 f4 DO IS ii USM Field Review

INTRODUCTION The Canon EF 400 f4 DO IS ii was introduced in November 2014.  The lens replaces the original EF 400 DO IS, which was released around 2001. The DO designation stands for diffractive optics, which is a lens technology that helps reduce the overall size of the lens, whilst effectively combating chromatic aberrations. The […]