We lead special-interest photographic safaris in Botswana, Brazil, Chile, India, Kenya, and Tanzania.  We try to use our understanding of wild animal behaviour to help those photographers traveling with us to get the kind of images they are looking for.


If traveling on one of the scheduled safaris doesn’t suit you, then planning a customized itinerary might be a better option.

Choosing to work in this way allows us to help focus the trip purely on whatever it is that you most interested in.  We select camps at specific times to maximize our wildlife opportunities.  On custom trips, we may visit areas to photograph particular species, like African wild dogs or it could be a visit to a location where special seasonal wildlife happenings may take place.

Depending on the size of the group, doing a customized safari can also mean more time available for individual instruction, both in the field and on the computer when it comes to image processing techniques.  Custom itineraries also mean that you can travel when you are able to, and not fit into other schedules.

We typically work you in deciding where, when and how to go, when planning custom itineraries.  We do have a preferred travel agent partner in Cape Town.  We can also work with your existing travel agent.

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