Wildlife photography and the ‘art’ of being different

One of the most enjoyable things for me as a photographer that shoots mostly wildlife, is to try and see the scene in front of me in a different way, to try and produce an image that is might be considered ‘out of the ordinary’ especially with regard to an ‘artistic approach.’ What I have […]

Photographing Marine Wildlife From Boats

In this post, I will be writing about photographing a wide variety of marine wildlife, from boats, above or near the surface of the water. The post has nothing to do with diving or underwater imagery.  In terms of locations, much of my marine photography is carried out offshore, in Indian Ocean waters, along the […]

Photographing Wildlife From Boats

Photographing wildlife from a boat is something I try to do whenever possible. Using a boat as a photographic platform brings with it many advantages as well as a few challenges.  In this post I’ll be discussing some of the things  I think about whenever I am out on freshwater rivers like the Chobe, the […]

Photographic Hides and Low Angles

For me, shooting from a low angle gives me a different perspective, and some of my favourite images come about from low shooting positions.  Getting low angles is not always possible though. In many national parks and reserves, it is neither permitted nor safe to get out of one’s vehicle.   One of the best […]

Add Power To Your Big Cat Portraits

In wildlife photography, portraits “may” be some of the easier images to capture, especially of big cats.  All you really need is a subject that is near enough, and posing well for you.  Portraits are usually easier to capture if the subject is not moving.  Although I have captured my fair share of portraits of […]