The Adventures of a Long-Lived Leopard

Nature never fails to surprize me.  When I photographed a leopard I hadn’t seen for a long time, it led me to make use of my earlier images of her, to confirm that this was the same cat that I hoped she was.   This happened in September 2017, and after a game drive out of […]

Safari Code of Ethics and Conduct

Copyright © James Weis / Grant Atkinson Atkinson Photography and Safaris adheres to and strives to enforce the following protocol on its safaris, such that the welfare of animals is always put first. The safety and comfort of wildlife is paramount. We use great care in approaching animals in order to minimize any disturbance or disruption to their lives. […]

The Wildest Drive

I have been asked before what my most memorable sighting might have been, but that is something difficult for me to choose.  I cannot pick one, from the many amazing natural events I have been fortunate to witness.  However, one particular game drive from Chitabe camp, in the Okavango Delta, springs instantly to mind as […]

Cheetah Attack Bat-eared Fox, Kgalagadi

We were witness to a fascinating and exciting encounter between two subadult cheetah and a bat-eared fox during a recent visit to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park.  We had lost sight of a mother cheetah and her year-old offspring, both only a little smaller than she was, as they moved over a ridge.  As we sat […]

Friendly Enemies, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyaena

We had only just left our Okavango camp in the early morning, when we came across a pack of African wild dogs that were hunting.  It is hard to stay with dogs on the hunt in a game drive vehicle, and after a while we lost them. Whilst they were in thick brush, they had […]