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Canon 7D Mark 2 compared to Canon 1D Mark 4

Canon’s 7D Mark 2 is in my opinion and at the time of writing, the best APS-C crop-sensor dslr for wildlife, to come from this manufacturer.     The camera is extremely well-featured, so much so that it competes strongly with cameras that are higher up in the Canon range. The price of the 7D […]

Canon 7D Mark 11 Auto Focus – Part 5: The AF Cases

  Canon’s 7D Mark 2 has a powerful and effective autofocus system, with a comprehensive set of controls and adjustments for setting it up.  It shares quite similar menu and setup options to those found on the much more expensive 5D Mark 3, 5DSR  and 1DX series cameras. This AF system is sophisticated, but well […]

Canon 1DX Mark 2 (Beta version) Image Quality Impressions

Its always an exciting time for wildlife photographers like myself, when a new Canon 1D series camera is about to arrive.  The 1D series has long been a favourite of mine, typically represented by cameras that combine Canon’s best autofocus systems and great image quality, along with high speed and capacity. The recently announced 1DX […]

Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus – Part 4: Release and Focus Priority

The 7Dmk2 has a highly configurable autofocus system. One of the ways that the autofocus can be set to a user’s preference is by controlling the timing of autofocus. In other words, how long the camera allows for focus to take place before the shutter is released. This is accomplished via the Autofocus menu tab, […]

Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus – Part 3: Prioritizing Your Autofocus Options

With so many options for configuring the autofocus system to your exact needs, the 7Dmk2 is a camera that you can tailor to your own preferences. When it comes to the seven autofocus grouping options, I find that I have my favourites, and seldom use all of them. In this video, I describe how to […]