Canon DSLR

Canon 5Dmk3 and Canon 1Dmk4, Which One For You?

The Canon 5Dmk3 is a full-frame camera with a powerful set of features.  When Canon launched their flagship camera for sport and action photography, the 1DX, at almost the same time, many users of the older Canon 1Dmk4 began selling their cameras off.  At the time of writing, brand-new Canon 5Dmk3 bodies and used 1Dmk4 […]

Making the most of Canon’s new autofocus – 5Dmk3 and 1DX

The new autofocus systems that are found in Canon’s 5Dmk3 and 1DX are the best that the company has yet offered.  Both cameras offer accurate, stable and fast autofocus that is state of the art.  Both cameras share the same AF sensor, with its 61 point layout.  In the 5Dmk3, AF is driven by the […]

Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS 7D – Field Review The 7D is one of the most exciting models in Canons line-up. It is a feature-packed camera, and in many ways it offers the most value for money of any of Canon’s camera bodies. This becomes apparent when you take a look at the cameras specifications. Even though it […]

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV – Field Review The Canon 1D Mk4 entered a market that was expecting a lot from it. This is normal for a camera that costs as much as the Mk4 does, but there was a bit more to it than that. The predecessor of the Mk4, the 1Dmk3, had suffered serious […]

Canon DLSR Autofocus In Low Light, Compared.

Autofocus in modern dslr cameras has become extremely effective in recent times. However, there are many aspects to autofocus and what might be best for a sport or wildlife photographer might be different from the needs of a wedding photographer or events photographer. My friend and fellow camera enthusiast Chris Frylinck, and my wife Helena […]