Digital Noise, And Wildlife Photography

A characteristic of most digital camera images is something called digital noise.  Noise is the broad term used to describe the occurence of dots or specks, some coloured,some not, where there shouldn’t be any, in a digital image.  Noise only really becomes noticeable in an image when the iso is raised to higher levels.  Some […]

Photography From The Air

Whenever I am travelling somewhere in a small plane,  I always keep a camera handy in case there are photo opportunities to be had from the air. Although hiring a plane just for photography is perhaps the best way to get good pictures from the air, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get good images […]

Making the most of Canon’s new autofocus – 5Dmk3 and 1DX

The new autofocus systems that are found in Canon’s 5Dmk3 and 1DX are the best that the company has yet offered.  Both cameras offer accurate, stable and fast autofocus that is state of the art.  Both cameras share the same AF sensor, with its 61 point layout.  In the 5Dmk3, AF is driven by the […]

The Trouble With Tails

When it comes to composing wildlife images, consideration has to be given to the subjects tail, if there is one.  I find this to be particularly true for those species that have long tails. The image of a leopard descending a tree serves as a good example of what impact tails can have .  One […]

Wide-Angle Photography On Safari

When photographing on any kind of safari, I am never without a wide-angle lens in my camera bag.  Despite the fact that I typically take more images using my mid-range and telephoto lenses, I am always looking for opportunities to make use of wide-angle lenses. By very broad definition, a wide-angle lens for the purpose […]