Friendly Enemies, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyaena

We had only just left our Okavango camp in the early morning, when we came across a pack of African wild dogs that were hunting.  It is hard to stay with dogs on the hunt in a game drive vehicle, and after a while we lost them. Whilst they were in thick brush, they had […]

A Reunion Of Sorts

We were driving out of Mara Plains, in Kenya’s Olare Motorogi conservancy, when we came across a male cheetah.  Although cheetah are in decline in many parts of their range, this area remains a stronghold, and we enjoy fantastic viewing on the photosafaris I lead here.  The cat was alone, and the local guides, who […]

A legend of a leopard (the Dumatau male)

At the time of this writing, it is more than a year since the last sighting of the leopard known as the Dumatau male.  Given that he was at the very least, 12 years old the last time I saw him, it is quite likely, and natural, that his time has come and he may […]

Elephant and wild dogs at Zimanga

Despite their immense size, African elephants sometimes show a strong dislike for carnivores.  This intolerance was clear to see on a recent trip that I made to Zimanga nature reserve in northern Kwazulu-Natal.     Early in the morning, we had managed to track down the local pack of African wild dogs.  There were four […]

Hippo and lion interaction on the Chobe River

I was on the Chobe River, leading a photographic safari for Pangolin Photo Safaris  when we came across a lioness with her young cubs, feeding on a very young elephant that had died a few days previously, alongside the river.  Elephants that die are an important source of food for carnivores like these lions.   […]