Photographing Wildlife From Boats

Photographing wildlife from a boat is something I try to do whenever possible. Using a boat as a photographic platform brings with it many advantages as well as a few challenges.  In this post I’ll be discussing some of the things  I think about whenever I am out on freshwater rivers like the Chobe, the […]

African Wild Dogs And The Thrill Of The Chase

Most wild animals lead their lives in such a way that much of their day-to day-behaviour can be explained in terms of basic needs.  Wild animals must find food often.  They need to avoid enemies and deal with competitors.  They must breed when the breeding season comes around, and make sure that their young survive. […]

Leopard versus wild dog, in the Okavango Delta

Seeing Africa’s large carnivores is always interesting, but at times it can turn out to be quite thrilling.  I was leading a small group of photographers at Chitabe camp on a private photosafari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.  We were enjoying watching a big pack of about twenty African wild dogs.  With the adults were six […]

When Wild Dogs Go To War

When one pack of African wild dogs catches sight of another pack, a chase or a fight typically ensues. Wild dog packs are territorial, and will defend those territories aggressively from other wild dogs that trespass.     For almost a month, the two neighbouring packs of wild dogs that frequent the area around Savuti […]

Photographic Hides and Low Angles

For me, shooting from a low angle gives me a different perspective, and some of my favourite images come about from low shooting positions.  Getting low angles is not always possible though. In many national parks and reserves, it is neither permitted nor safe to get out of one’s vehicle.   One of the best […]