We concentrate hard on photo opportunities on these trips, in whatever form they come, and this one didn’t disappoint. With extensions on either side of the regular trip, it ran through six of the very best WS camps. Highlights were too many for this short report, but I shall run through them by camp:

Dumatau – We got the last days of breeding activity at a nesting colony of carmine bee-eaters along the Linyanti River.

Savuti – A few days of overcast skies meant weather that allowed the big cats to stay active longer. Great sightings of two male cheetah patrolling territory, then crossing the Savuti Channel. Ten lions from the local pride then walked and swam through the same water, right in front of us. There is an image in my ‘Lion’ gallery.

Chitabe – Delivered up fantastic wild dog viewing, elephants, and amazing birding as drying pools of water attracted hundreds of water birds.

Little Vumbura – A tiny leopard cub, tucked away in a hole in a tree by it’s mother, wild dogs, and brightly-coloured bee-eaters and kingfishers from the boat. Herds of elephants were around.

Mombo – Lions, with the Western Boys walking right by our vehicle, then Lekgadima the leopard showed up, and climbed termite mounds and trees for us. Bull elephants were all around.

Duba Plains – Arguing lions, and an unforgettable day watching the very large Skimmer pride male interact with the females of the Tsaro pride. Herds of elephants on the open plains.

This was a tremendously strong trip for game-viewing, made stronger by dramatic cloud build-ups that herald the arrival of summer rains. My next digital trip happens in July 2009.