The 7Dmk2 has a highly configurable autofocus system. One of the ways that the autofocus can be set to a user’s preference is by controlling the timing of autofocus. In other words, how long the camera allows for focus to take place before the shutter is released. This is accomplished via the Autofocus menu tab, and the parameter that allows either Release (Speed) or Focus to be prioritized, along with an intermediate setting. The 7Dmk2 menu structure allows separate adjustment for the first image in a burst and then another adjustment screen for the second image and onwards in that burst.

These settings control how much time is given over to focusing before the image is taken. Set for Release on both options, will enable the camera to reach its maximum shooting speed of 10 frames per second, regardless of how hard or easy the subject is to focus on.
If the options are both set to Focus, the camera will take extra time as it needs to confirm focus, before the shutter releases. With subjects that are difficult to focus, this can lead to a slower frame rate than the maximum. In the video I describe and illustrate the options further.

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