Canon’s 7D mk2 has a powerful and accurate autofocus system. The camera also has a full set of controls, which help users make the most of all the autofocus functionality, and this is one of the differentiators between the 7Dmk2 and other Canon cameras lower down in the range like the EOS 80D, 70D and the 760D. For my wildlife photography needs, I set up my own 7Dmk2 autofocus to operate on the shutter release button. Further to this, I take a little time to configure the controls for Ai Servo operation, so that I am able to minimize unnecessary button presses or eliminate extra menu steps, whilst shooting. I also enable direct autofocus point selection via the multi-controller. In this video I will take time to explain how I make these setup changes, and the reason behind my choices. The camera has so many options that for those shooters coming to the AF system for the first time, it can be almost overwhelming. However, working through the autofocus system step by step, with new videos for each aspect, makes it easy to become more confident with setting up the autofocus on your own camera.

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