Creating Wildlife Silhouettes

Capturing images of familiar subjects as silhouettes is an exciting challenge to take on with the camera. I like the simple approach when it comes to silhouettes, and in this regard, it pays to choose subjects that are easily identified, even in profile. African penguin To capture the penguin image required that I be in […]

Panning / Motion Blur

Panning is the word used to describe the method of taking an image, usually of a moving subject, with the camera set at a slow shutter speed. The photographer makes sure the camera follows the subject at precisely the same speed. The aim is to match the speed of the subjects’ movement with the movement […]

Leopards in Trees

Almost every wildlife photographer that visits an African game reserve would like to take a picture of a leopard in a tree. However, once you start trying to do this, you begin to realize that it can be a little more difficult than it seems. Perhaps the biggest difficulty emanates from too much contrast. This […]

Waterbirds on the Chobe River

Helena and I try each year to spend a day on our own, on the Chobe River, photographing water-birds. Besides the water-birds, the Chobe also offers great photographic opportunities for elephants, crocodiles and hippo. On this particular outing we were hoping to target grey-headed gulls and African skimmers in flight.   Grey heron, Chobe River, […]

Photographing At Lion Kills

If you visit any large African game reserve for which has a healthy assemblage of carnivores living there, you may stand a chance of witnessing a kill. However, actual sightings of kills are not that common, often because they may take place at night, or in thick brush or when nobody is around. On the […]