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Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus – Part 2: The 7 Focus Modes

The 7Dmk2 has a focus point array of 65 points, that cover a high percentage of the frame. It also allows the user to choose between seven different groupings or combinations of its 65 point autofocus system. In the video the function of each of the seven focus point options is clearly described, and referenced […]

Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus- Pt 1 Setting Up The Camera Controls for Ai Servo

Canon’s 7D mk2 has a powerful and accurate autofocus system. The camera also has a full set of controls, which help users make the most of all the autofocus functionality, and this is one of the differentiators between the 7Dmk2 and other Canon cameras lower down in the range like the EOS 80D, 70D and […]