This trip was specifically put together for a group of travel operators and agents. It’s purpose was to show them as many camps areas and habitats as possible. So over just five nights we stayed in four different camps, and saw several others. My job was to escort the group and to make sure we got to see some exciting game too. Our itinerary began with water activities at Xigera and a rare sighting of a leopard near the airfield.

Next day we moved to Duba, and had great viewing of the well-known Tsaro lion pride out on the plains. Birding was good there too.

We stayed two nights at Jao, and had two excellent leopard sightings, including the cat shown in the featured image. We also enjoyed good birding, and some very scenic boat trips. The high water levels in the Okavango at the moment mean the area is at its most beautiful. There are great expanses of blue water to be seen from the air transfers and wonderful reflections adding colour to the sunsets.

Our last night was spent at Kings Pool camp, and we had a wonderful sunset cruise on the Linyanti. On our last morning we drove west along the Linyanti River, and the good sightings just kept on coming. First we saw the two lionesses and their subadult young male hunting close to camp, then we encountered the Border Boys resting in some grass right next to the river. As I last saw them in November I was especially excited to see them.

After that we visited DumaTau camp, and just beyond the camp were six wild dogs resting full-bellied. It wasn’t over yet as just a kilometre further along lay a Savuti lioness with her two cubs….quite an ending for the trip.