The Wildest Drive

I have been asked before what my most memorable sighting might have been, but that is something difficult for me to choose.  I cannot pick one, from the many amazing natural events I have been fortunate to witness.  However, one particular game drive from Chitabe camp, in the Okavango Delta, springs instantly to mind as […]

Using the Canon 5DSR for photographing African wildlife

Canon 5DSR with EF 24-70L f4 IS. Canon released two new full frame cameras, the 5DS and 5DSR, in the last half of 2015.  Although their 50 megapixel sensors grabbed the headlines, I was equally interested in the numerous other updates and advances that were part of the feature set.  In particular, I was eager […]

Canon 7D Mark 2 compared to Canon 1D Mark 4

Canon’s 7D Mark 2 is in my opinion and at the time of writing, the best APS-C crop-sensor dslr for wildlife, to come from this manufacturer.     The camera is extremely well-featured, so much so that it competes strongly with cameras that are higher up in the Canon range. The price of the 7D […]

Photographing Marine Wildlife From Boats

In this post, I will be writing about photographing a wide variety of marine wildlife, from boats, above or near the surface of the water. The post has nothing to do with diving or underwater imagery.  In terms of locations, much of my marine photography is carried out offshore, in Indian Ocean waters, along the […]

Canon 7D Mark 11 Auto Focus – Part 5: The AF Cases

  Canon’s 7D Mark 2 has a powerful and effective autofocus system, with a comprehensive set of controls and adjustments for setting it up.  It shares quite similar menu and setup options to those found on the much more expensive 5D Mark 3, 5DSR  and 1DX series cameras. This AF system is sophisticated, but well […]