The Family Life of African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs are well-known for their hunting prowess, as well as their strong family bonds.  Whilst it isn’t easy to photograph them hunting, the social side of their behaviour is something that I do try to show in my photographs. Interaction between members is frequent in a pack of wild dogs.  Most times, as […]

Photographing A Curious Hyaena Cub

I was with my wife Helena at Mashatu, in Botswana, watching a sleeping hyaena mom and her youngster.  When the young hyaena stood up and began to show signs of curiosity toward our vehicle, I decided to forgo my long telephoto lens and instead switched to a 16-35mm ultra-wide angle lens. Using the wide-angle lens […]

Photographing Leopard Behaviour – Territorial Marking

Leopards are interesting cats.  Not only are they elegant, and graceful animals, but they are also creatures of habit, at least for some of the time. A female leopard claw-marking a tree.   1/1000sec at f/4.0, Iso 800                             Aside from feeding, […]

Wild Rivals – African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyaena

Although African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) and spotted hyaena (Crocutta crocutta) share similar habitats in Africa’s wild and protected areas, they are very different animals indeed. Wild dogs very seldom steal kills from other animals, whilst spotted hyaena do so often.  Both animals are social, though wild dogs are almost always social, and hyaenas a […]

The Big Cats of Malamala

Without a doubt, Malamala in the Sabi Sands reserve is one of the best places to go for big cat photo opportunities.  The reserve is situated on the western side of the Kruger National Park, and the two conservation areas share an open boundary. I visited the camp in April, travelling with just two guests […]