Male Lion Coalitions – More Power Than One

Male lions in Southern Africa typically live in coalitions.  In the southern African region, south of the Zambezi River, the average coalition size is around two males.  Actual coalition sizes can vary from two males to seven males. These coalitions are normally made up of lions that are brothers, and often half-brothers, and cousins.  They […]

The Cheetah of Mountain Zebra National Park

The latest issue of Wild magazine, features an article on the Mountain Zebra National Park, which, if you have not been there, is in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa.  I was fortunate to have a couple of my cheetah images that I took in the park last winter, used in the magazine in support […]

Legadima The Leopard Makes The Cover

Legadima The Leopard Makes The Cover by Grant Atkinson                         The image of Legadima the leopard is one from a sequence I took a little while ago.  This frame was recently selected for the front cover of travel company Bench Internationals 2012 Africa brochure […]

African Wild Dog, One For All

We were following a pack of wild dogs to the north of Savuti camp on a late October afternoon.  We know this pack as the Zib pack, their name coming from a local name for a nearby lagoon.  The dogs had all twelve of their puppies with them, and were moving steadily through some woodland. […]